What Can Harm Preservatives

16/12/2013 22:48
What can harm preservatives? The main damage is that can cause incorrect dosage of preservatives in foods - allergic reactions, the formation of carcinogens in the body, as well as the destruction or indigestion nutrients. As for the time of digestion products, all very individual and nutritional supplements in most cases do not matter, but sometimes can cause disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.  Who is Mike Geary

There are some of the most common preservatives. First, it is sodium nitrite, which not only gives the meat products attractive appearance, but also protects them from the growth of bacteria that produce botulinum toxin - a deadly poison in overdose in the body highly likely to form carcinogens that a devastating effect on our liver and kidneys.

No less popular sulfur dioxide - It can be found in candies and jellies, chips, dried fruit, spirits and soft drinks sufficient allergen to cause asthma attacks in asthmatics, but a side effect of its use are rare. Often - a metabolic disorder and the development of obesity as a consequence of the body's inability to absorb essential vitamin B1 (thiamine).

And another very common preservative - sorbic acid, which is found in the baking and confectionery, soft drinks, cheese, and fish preserves, etc. Pick one of the safest supplements, but in overdose and it can cause itching and rashes.

Sport is a great way to bring the emotions back to normal

15/12/2013 21:00

Embark on a bathroom - A good option is a massage finger pads. Besides the desired peace, and effort you have in them the bloodstream, which is useful for health. Please look in the mirror - unless you please yourself when so much irritation in the eyes? No? Then wash it off with cool water, do light massage temples using forefingers. You can even take a bath if circumstances have - the water will wash away all negativity. Weight Loss Tips

Exercise - Sport is a great way to bring the emotions back to normal. Whether its relaxing yoga, running or active bit aggressive boxing - in any case, you release energy at will, nobody said too much and, in addition, improve your figure!

Drink water - Just drink a glass of warm water with sugar or honey. Sweetness should return you a taste of life.

Go to sleep - The easiest option, which for centuries used by people - a dream. In the morning, everything seems so much easier and there are solutions to any problems. So soothing drink tea with lemon balm, mint and chamomile and go watch dreams - believe me, so you just calm down.

The reason for the appearance of dark circles and swelling around the eyes - Causes of dark circles and puffiness under the eyes quite a lot: it's a way of life, and health, and purely cosmetic factors.

Severe Osteoporosis

13/12/2013 20:54

Severe osteoporosis

In very severe osteoporosis - 10-15 inches shrunk, at least two vertebral and during treatment with third fracture - is sometimes prescribed PTH. This means addresses, in contrast to the other drugs on new bone formation.

PTH is a part of the parathyroid hormone. This hormone is by daily injections inserted under the skin. You can compare it to prick yourself insulin in diabetes. The drug is very expensive and is reimbursed only for women with severe osteoporosis. They should use the medication for two years.

Many of these women have severe back pain. An additional advantage of the PTH-injections is that the back pain is often less. So this treatment for a small group of osteoporotic patients is a major step forward.

Non-drug treatments
In the treatment of a condition often goes on medicines and non-drug treatments that while many people also appeal quite rightly. As a doctor, I myself also difficulty in writing if someone smokes a pack of cigarettes a day Anti-osteoporosis drugs for

If you want to prevent osteoporosis and fractures are best:
Healthy eating
Enough exercise
No smoking
Little or no alcohol use

Healthy nutrition is obviously important for everyone, including people with osteoporosis. Move creates strong muscles and bones. This can also reduce the risk of falling again.

Exotic dishes with vegetables and fresh fruits

12/12/2013 21:00

Try unusual, exotic dishes with vegetables and fresh fruits (e.g. sushi)
Fourth Skip the chips, salted nuts, potato salad with mayonnaise.
5th Spirits and sweet wines replace jets of dry wine Salubrious alternative to alcoholic beverages as tea. Black tea contains caffeine, which is an alkaloid with a mild stimulant that improves mental performance, but may act aggressively on our cardiovascular system. Yeast Infection Cure

The cool Christmas is the perfect choice green tea Especially beneficial effects on our body has a jasmine tea.

It improves kidney function (which prevents the formation of stones, prevents intestinal problems) and stimulates brain activity.

6th Instead of the classic ever use whole grain bread spread or garnish with a slice vegetables (such as cucumber, carrot).

7th The tray of cookies on the table, pay only when you come visit, or replace it with a bowl of fresh fruit and vegetables
8th Learn more politely refuse food offered , the hosts will certainly offend, if only to taste.

9th Find a suitable physical activity , go for a walk, play sports together with your family or friends. Weigh yourself regularly.
10th Do not buy before Christmas too much food stocks. I prefer to return to the spiritual values of Christmas, which is definitely not consist in eating and distributing expensive gifts.

Which is consistent with the long-known fact whereby we turn most men with high testosterone and women with high levels of estrogen in the blood?

Take adopted traditional methods

11/12/2013 20:50

If you do not smoke, but spend a lot of time indoors, where the smoke, the eyes can react the same way, try to go out more often to fresh air.

Take adopted traditional methods

Dark circles - Making any manipulation of the eyes, remember that for each eye must take your tampon, lotion, cotton pad, otherwise your troubles may increase exactly twice. A Viewpoint on Diet Foods

With frequent swelling and inflammation of the eyes from lack of sleep

Recipe: Take 1 tablespoon of mint in a glass of boiling water, boil on low heat for 5 - 10 minutes, cool and strain through cheesecloth. Wait for it to cool to room temperature, soak tampons broth edema leave for 10 minutes. When inflammation of applying for 1-2 minutes, repeating the procedure 3-4 times.
From swelling and circles

Tea is good because it can be used both cold and hot, and in the form of heat. Main condition of success recipe number 1 - tea should be brewed strong enough - 1ch.l. a quarter of a cup of boiling water. Compress applied to the eyes for 10 minutes. Cotton swabs soaked in tea to be kept for 1-2 minutes, changing them 3 - 4 times.

Recipe number 2 small bags of soft fabric with tea put them in a cup of boiling water for 5 - 10 min. Wait until they become pleasantly warm, to impose on eyes for 10 - 15 minutes.

Ointments Containing In Vitamin D

10/12/2013 04:16

Women who consume vitamin D, rarer benign and malignant tumors of the breast and ovarian cancer, vitamin D is important for men: it protects prostate cells from the development of malignant tumors. Ointments containing in its composition vitamin D, reduces skin flakiness typical for psoriasis.

Vitamin D3 affects the function of the thyroid gland. It should be remembered that a normal balanced diet is fully capable of providing the body with essential vitamins and minerals. And when that's not enough, you need to compensate for the lack of preparations containing these vitamins in it. Recall: Commonsense Natural Weight Loss

Vitamin D is seasonal, so gloomy time, in consultation with a specialist, you can use the pharmacy vitamins (but remember overdose, carefully read the instructions on the use of drugs). Vitamin D is available in dragees, capsules, drops. It is important to know that vitamin D for better absorption by the body is recommended to take along with calcium, because its main function - to promote the absorption of calcium, regulate calcium and phosphorus metabolism and finally, I want to wish everyone good health, despite the gloomy winter weather. This is the most valuable thing we have. So good luck! Coffee does not save you from a hangover - As shown by recent studies, invigorating drink is not sober man moved, but only gives a sense of "coming to him," that is, firstly, is false, and secondly, can lead to frustrating consequences.

The presence of this skin can cause discomfort

06/12/2013 02:16

All about pharoses
WHAT pharoses? It is the condition of the impossibility of the child or adult to externalize the glens penis (head of the penis) by the presence of a change in the skin overlying the penis called foreskin that congenital or acquired over the years so has a narrowing located. Get Daily Tips:

WHAT CAN CAUSE pharoses?
May because the output of a white fluid through the hole in the skin called secretion is produced by a gland that is present in the penis called
Tyson glands Sebaceous glands are located in the transition of the foreskin and the glens.

Can cause much severe cases difficulty urination occurs when the almost total closure of the hole in the skin of this fact there is a greater probability of acquiring urinary tract infection and sexually transmitted diseases.

When there is a condition of too much amount of skin on the penis with the inability to expose the glens, the man usually has a smelly and output much secretion penis, which makes intercourse harmed and sometimes can occur inflame and infect the penis during intercourse

WHAT the of the penis?
 The of the penis or called "brake" the penis is a fold of skin triangular shape that is located on the lower portion of the glens and connects the foreskin to the glens penis The CAN CAUSE PROBLEMS?

The presence of this skin can cause discomfort and pain during sexual intercourse, especially in sex when the woman does not show up with the oiled genital region.

A Quick Solution To A Lot Of Blood Loss During A Heavy Period

03/12/2013 02:02

Heavy periods with a lot of blood loss
There is a Quick solution possible available

Many women experience heavy bleeding when they are menstruating. Nib Smelling he Hospital in Dratted has a fast, patient-friendly way to help women out there. Entirely or largely of these menstrual pain Find The Truth:

Menstruation Pin It
Up to two minutes it takes to treat women freed from heavy bleeding or pain during menstruation. Until recently, women had to stay for another day after surgery to recover from the anesthesia or epidural, but when that's over. In Nib Smelling he in Dratted women stand in one hour weather outside the hospital.

Heavy menstrual
Periods are for many women a heavy burden. The flow is so bad that it repeatedly changing keeps them from sleeping. Or they have so much pain or bleeding that is almost impossible to work or that they are sick for two days of his. “And that does not '' find gynecologist Michael Lobes at the City hospital of New York.

Previously, women had to learn to live. Menstruation with such “Many women think that still. We see women who spent years struggling with severe symptoms. And that's only the tip of the iceberg. ''

Health Begins In The Mouth - Brushing Goes To School

02/12/2013 02:57

According to Pantelis Petrakakis by the Federation of Dentists of the Public Health Service have primary school students who could brush your teeth every day in kindergarten, significantly healthier permanent teeth than children who did not have this opportunity. Several studies have also shown that regular brushing with fluoride toothpaste in school has a positive effect on the permanent teeth. The Day of Dental Health is this year under the motto "Health begins in the mouth - brushing goes to school." Find The Advantages

The lactose-rip: Special products expensive and often unnecessary

The Consumer Hamburg warns: lactose-free food is overpriced and unnecessary in many cases because many of the declared products already are lactose-free. Take in the supermarkets always more space: lactose-free foods. Fortunately for everyone, who is lactose intolerant suffered. Or? Only partly explains the Consumer Hamburg: Often products such as ham or turkey breast will be declared as lactose-free, even though it is free of naturally lactose are. If such goods are declared somewhere as lactose-free, that was unnecessary and overpriced the price for it, explains the consumer center of Hamburg. Average 2.4 times as much as for conventional products were at a market check requires the consumer advocate for 24 "lactose-free" foods.

Even the bread is ripped off - Bread is usually also free of lactose. Nevertheless, as will as a gluten - offered and lactose-free brown bread marked with a surcharge of 383 percent compared to regular brown bread - the market leader in check.

Symptoms Of High Blood Pressure

29/11/2013 16:25

TABLE 11 - TY - Men: 45 years old - Women: After menopause

3 – HYPERTENSION even when treated

Diseases installed on male relatives before 55 years of age or relatives in women under 65 years.


The table, a man aged 50, whose father had myocardial infarction at age 53, has two risk factors: age and kinship. If he is a smoker and have HDL = 30, passes to four factors, and doubles the risk, although it may be regarded as enjoying perfect health Visit This Link:

To maintain proper cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart attacks or other circulatory diseases, there two universal measures: control of body weight and physical activity. When these fail, physicians advise reduce the amount of fat in the diet, and possibly prescribe drugs.

Table 2 establishes the strategy for indicating restriction of dietary fat and when drug treatment must be entered:


Number of factors of risk    Threshold for initiation of diet    Threshold for early  medicament ion cholesterol *    cholesterol *

Total    LDL    Total    LDL
Zero to 1    240    160    275    190
Equal to or greater than 2    200    130    240    160
With cardiovascular disease    160    100    200    130