Exotic dishes with vegetables and fresh fruits

12/12/2013 21:00

Try unusual, exotic dishes with vegetables and fresh fruits (e.g. sushi)
Fourth Skip the chips, salted nuts, potato salad with mayonnaise.
5th Spirits and sweet wines replace jets of dry wine Salubrious alternative to alcoholic beverages as tea. Black tea contains caffeine, which is an alkaloid with a mild stimulant that improves mental performance, but may act aggressively on our cardiovascular system. Yeast Infection Cure

The cool Christmas is the perfect choice green tea Especially beneficial effects on our body has a jasmine tea.

It improves kidney function (which prevents the formation of stones, prevents intestinal problems) and stimulates brain activity.

6th Instead of the classic ever use whole grain bread spread or garnish with a slice vegetables (such as cucumber, carrot).

7th The tray of cookies on the table, pay only when you come visit, or replace it with a bowl of fresh fruit and vegetables
8th Learn more politely refuse food offered , the hosts will certainly offend, if only to taste.

9th Find a suitable physical activity , go for a walk, play sports together with your family or friends. Weigh yourself regularly.
10th Do not buy before Christmas too much food stocks. I prefer to return to the spiritual values of Christmas, which is definitely not consist in eating and distributing expensive gifts.

Which is consistent with the long-known fact whereby we turn most men with high testosterone and women with high levels of estrogen in the blood?