Health Begins In The Mouth - Brushing Goes To School

02/12/2013 02:57

According to Pantelis Petrakakis by the Federation of Dentists of the Public Health Service have primary school students who could brush your teeth every day in kindergarten, significantly healthier permanent teeth than children who did not have this opportunity. Several studies have also shown that regular brushing with fluoride toothpaste in school has a positive effect on the permanent teeth. The Day of Dental Health is this year under the motto "Health begins in the mouth - brushing goes to school." Find The Advantages

The lactose-rip: Special products expensive and often unnecessary

The Consumer Hamburg warns: lactose-free food is overpriced and unnecessary in many cases because many of the declared products already are lactose-free. Take in the supermarkets always more space: lactose-free foods. Fortunately for everyone, who is lactose intolerant suffered. Or? Only partly explains the Consumer Hamburg: Often products such as ham or turkey breast will be declared as lactose-free, even though it is free of naturally lactose are. If such goods are declared somewhere as lactose-free, that was unnecessary and overpriced the price for it, explains the consumer center of Hamburg. Average 2.4 times as much as for conventional products were at a market check requires the consumer advocate for 24 "lactose-free" foods.

Even the bread is ripped off - Bread is usually also free of lactose. Nevertheless, as will as a gluten - offered and lactose-free brown bread marked with a surcharge of 383 percent compared to regular brown bread - the market leader in check.