Severe Osteoporosis

13/12/2013 20:54

Severe osteoporosis

In very severe osteoporosis - 10-15 inches shrunk, at least two vertebral and during treatment with third fracture - is sometimes prescribed PTH. This means addresses, in contrast to the other drugs on new bone formation.

PTH is a part of the parathyroid hormone. This hormone is by daily injections inserted under the skin. You can compare it to prick yourself insulin in diabetes. The drug is very expensive and is reimbursed only for women with severe osteoporosis. They should use the medication for two years.

Many of these women have severe back pain. An additional advantage of the PTH-injections is that the back pain is often less. So this treatment for a small group of osteoporotic patients is a major step forward.

Non-drug treatments
In the treatment of a condition often goes on medicines and non-drug treatments that while many people also appeal quite rightly. As a doctor, I myself also difficulty in writing if someone smokes a pack of cigarettes a day Anti-osteoporosis drugs for

If you want to prevent osteoporosis and fractures are best:
Healthy eating
Enough exercise
No smoking
Little or no alcohol use

Healthy nutrition is obviously important for everyone, including people with osteoporosis. Move creates strong muscles and bones. This can also reduce the risk of falling again.