The presence of this skin can cause discomfort

06/12/2013 02:16

All about pharoses
WHAT pharoses? It is the condition of the impossibility of the child or adult to externalize the glens penis (head of the penis) by the presence of a change in the skin overlying the penis called foreskin that congenital or acquired over the years so has a narrowing located. Get Daily Tips:

WHAT CAN CAUSE pharoses?
May because the output of a white fluid through the hole in the skin called secretion is produced by a gland that is present in the penis called
Tyson glands Sebaceous glands are located in the transition of the foreskin and the glens.

Can cause much severe cases difficulty urination occurs when the almost total closure of the hole in the skin of this fact there is a greater probability of acquiring urinary tract infection and sexually transmitted diseases.

When there is a condition of too much amount of skin on the penis with the inability to expose the glens, the man usually has a smelly and output much secretion penis, which makes intercourse harmed and sometimes can occur inflame and infect the penis during intercourse

WHAT the of the penis?
 The of the penis or called "brake" the penis is a fold of skin triangular shape that is located on the lower portion of the glens and connects the foreskin to the glens penis The CAN CAUSE PROBLEMS?

The presence of this skin can cause discomfort and pain during sexual intercourse, especially in sex when the woman does not show up with the oiled genital region.