What Can Harm Preservatives

16/12/2013 22:48
What can harm preservatives? The main damage is that can cause incorrect dosage of preservatives in foods - allergic reactions, the formation of carcinogens in the body, as well as the destruction or indigestion nutrients. As for the time of digestion products, all very individual and nutritional supplements in most cases do not matter, but sometimes can cause disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.  Who is Mike Geary

There are some of the most common preservatives. First, it is sodium nitrite, which not only gives the meat products attractive appearance, but also protects them from the growth of bacteria that produce botulinum toxin - a deadly poison in overdose in the body highly likely to form carcinogens that a devastating effect on our liver and kidneys.

No less popular sulfur dioxide - It can be found in candies and jellies, chips, dried fruit, spirits and soft drinks sufficient allergen to cause asthma attacks in asthmatics, but a side effect of its use are rare. Often - a metabolic disorder and the development of obesity as a consequence of the body's inability to absorb essential vitamin B1 (thiamine).

And another very common preservative - sorbic acid, which is found in the baking and confectionery, soft drinks, cheese, and fish preserves, etc. Pick one of the safest supplements, but in overdose and it can cause itching and rashes.