Benefits Of Coenzyme Q 10

These include information that: Decreases when the supply of coenzyme Q 10 in the body by 25 percent compared to normal, our body begins to attack high blood pressure and heart diseases such as angina pectoris or heart attack. A decrease of coenzyme Q 10 to 75 percent compared to normal humans cannot keep up with life. In acute myocardial increases the chance of survival if six hours of administration to the patient of coenzyme Q 10, and antioxidants. The recommended daily dose of coenzyme Q 10 is 10 to 30 mg daily.

What are the other benefits of coenzyme Q 10? These include the release of energy from cellular stations, which are represented by the mitochondria. Due to the presence of coenzyme Q 10 is able to release up to 95 percent of the energy needed for life. If reducing the production of coenzyme Q 10, then there is a decrease of energy not only in physical and mental work.

Coenzyme Q 10 is one of the most important antioxidants and protects us from aging and disease Coenzyme Q 10 is considered to trap the free radicals which are particularly dangerous for the cell, these reactive oxygen species that attack the double bonds of organ cells and damage them. This may result in the development of a number of serious diseases, including cancer and premature aging.

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